Index Alignment

Over your existing golf glove, place the Grip Solid® across the palm of your left hand with the Grip Solid® FLEX•BAR facing outward.

Position the Index Alignment indicator in-line with your index finger.

Adjust & Close

Holding the Grip Solid® with your left thumb, secure the Velcro tab around the back of your hand.

The Grip Solid® should not constrict your hand – Take care not to over tighten or unnecessarily stretch.

Check Positioning

Adjust the Grip Solid® so the forward edge is directly behind your knuckles when making a fist.

Align the Grip Solid® FLEX•BAR

Place the grip of the club across your fingers below the Grip Solid® FLEX•BAR. The Grip Solid® FLEX•BAR should be directly on top of your golf club grip & parallel with your grip’s leading edge indicators – These are the “tick” marks or line which runs parallel to the club face.

Grip Your Club

Gently close your left hand around the grip. The Grip Solid® FLEX•BAR positions the club to be properly cradled in your fingers.

Complete Your Grip

Place your right hand on the golf club using your normal grip.

Squeeze the club with both hands until you feel the Grip Solid® FLEX•BAR compress. Slowly release your grip pressure until you can no longer feel the Grip Solid® FLEX•BAR.

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