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What is the Grip Solid®?

The Grip Solid® is an innovative golf training aid – A specially formulated thin flexible rubber strap that is worn over your golf glove. The Grip Solid® was designed and engineered in the United States.

How does the Grip Solid® work?

The Grip Solid® has a raised, flexible bar called the FLEX•BAR which positions your club in the perfect position. Soft fins along the FLEX•BAR conform to the taper of your club to immediately let you know if you grip too tightly at any point in your swing.

Will the Grip Solid® work with my clubs?

Yes. The Grip Solid® will work with every club in your bag, except your putter.

Will the Grip Solid® damage my existing golf glove?

No. Specifically designed to Velcro easily and securely around your existing golf glove, the Grip Solid® will not damage your glove or your clubs.

Can I use the Grip Solid® without a golf glove?

The Grip Solid® was designed to be worn over a standard golf glove, however it can be worn without a glove.

Will the Grip Solid® fit my hand?

The Grip Solid® measures 10 ¾ inches long and fits most sizes Men’s XS to XL. If your Grip Solid® is too long for your hand size, simply trim the excess length with scissors.

View our Sizing Information to learn more.

Is the Grip Solid® available for left-handed players?

No. Currently Grip Solid® is only available for right-handed golfers. If you would like to be notified when left-handed sizing is available, email us at

What level golfers should use Grip Solid®?

The Grip Solid® is a training aid that all golfers can use to guarantee proper grip position and proper grip pressure. Beginners will learn from it, average players will improve from it, season golfers will hone their game with it. Whatever your level or handicap, you will hit the ball straighter, farther and with more control than ever before.

Is the Grip Solid® approved for USGA Play?

While the Grip Solid® is great for use on the course when playing a practice round, it is not approved for use during play based on the USGA rules.

How do I know I have the Grip Solid® in the right place?

The Index Alignment visual indicator will be positioned in-line with your index finger and the ••• visual indicator will be positioned in-line with the base knuckle of your index finger. After you have firmly secured the Velcro tab around the back of your left hand, make a fist to ensure the forward edge is directly behind your knuckles. Visit Instructions for additional information.

How should I hold the golf club grip when wearing my Grip Solid®?

The Flex•Bar should be directly on top of your golf club grip & parallel with your grip’s leading edge indicators – These are the “tick” marks or line which runs parallel to the club face. Then, gently close your left hand around the grip. The Flex•Bar positions the club to be properly cradled in your fingers. Then place your right hand on the club using your normal grip. Visit Instructions for additional information.

Will the Grip Solid® work with my grip?

Yes. The Grip Solid® Flex•Bar works based on positioning the club properly in your hand, and will work any grip, including the Vardon Overlap Grip, the Interlocking Grip and the Ten Finger or commonly referred to Baseball Grip.

What is included with the Grip Solid®?

The Grip Solid® consists of one Grip Solid® training aid and instructions for use. The Grip Solid® does not include a golf glove.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes. We want you to be fully satisfied with your Grip Solid®. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return it within 30 days of delivery for a full refund of the purchase price, minus shipping charges. This money-back guarantee only applies to purchases made online at

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How long will my Grip Solid® last?

Similar to an average golf glove, the Grip Solid® is subject to wear. The longevity of your Grip Solid® will be based on frequency and type of use.

How will my order be shipped and how long will it take?

All orders are shipped via United States Postal Service (USPS).

Orders shipped via Standard Shipping typically arrive within 5-7 business days of shipping.

Orders shipped via Priority Mail Shipping typically arrive within 2-3 business days of shipping.

Delivery times may vary for US Protectorates and FPO/APO addresses.

Canadian orders are shipped via USPS. Delivery times may vary. Most items typically arrive within 7-14 business days of shipping.

Orders placed before 5pm ET, Monday – Friday with Priority Mail Shipping will be shipped on the same day they are received. Standard Shipping orders will be shipped within 3 business days.

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Do you ship outside of the United States?

Yes. In addition to the Continental US, Alaska, Hawaii, US Protectorates, and APO/FPO addresses we also ship to Canada. All orders shipped to Military/APO addresses receive free shipping.

Where can I get information about my order?

When you place your order you will receive a confirmation email with your order information.

When you order is shipped you will receive another email with the tracking information for your shipment. If you have additional questions about your order please email us at

Can I sell the Grip Solid® at my retail store?

Yes! Click here to learn more about retail sales.

I’m a golf instructor, would my students benefit from using the Grip Solid®?

Yes! In addition to retail sales, we also sell products to golf instructors. Click here to learn more.

I love how my Grip Solid® has dramatically improved my game and I want to share my story!

We want to hear your story and see photos of you playing with your Grip Solid®! Email them to us at

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