How It Works

Grip Solid® is a thin rubber strap, which uses innovative 3D FLEX•BAR technology to solve grip pressure and position problems.

Raised soft ergonomic FLEX•BAR fins on palm side contour against your club grip, working intuitively to eliminate “death grips” and help you achieve greater distance and accuracy each time you swing.

FLEX•BAR fins promote accurate PRESSURE:

  • Press against your palm to instantly let you know if you’re gripping too tight at all critical points of your swing
  • Encourages tactile recognition and develops muscle memory

FLEX•BAR fins guarantee consistent POSITION:

  • Creates flexible barrier to keep club down in the fingers through your entire swing
  • Prevents club from slipping up in palm and re-gripping
  • Alignment Indicators ensure correct placement on hand


  • Solves hooks & slices
  • Improves distance & control
  • Develops accuracy & consistency
  • Works with any club – ready in seconds
  • Comfortable & lightweight – weighs less than 1 ounce
  • Easily fits in your pocket

Grip Solid® is the only training device that instantly lets you know when you’re gripping too tight! Order your Grip Solid® now and start playing better golf immediately.

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