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Brian Lovegren, AZ

I tried it out and love it. I have been letting go of the club with my left hand and this totally cures it.

– Brian Lovegren, Founder and CEO GOLFSWINGFREAK.COM™

Tony Buckles, AZ

I am actually hitting my shots with one less club – Grip Solid is a Great Product!

Billy Jackson, AL

Grip Solid is effective from wedges through drivers. Amazing, yet very simple. You guys have a winner and regardless of which swing type (single plane vs two-plane). Thank you!

Winfred Nunn, KY

It’s all I expected and more. The first time I tried the Grip Solid, I shaved 5 strokes off my game total. My goal is to break 80.

George Kakalec, NJ

With Grip Solid, the club stays down in my fingers and I’m hitting straighter (about 225-230 yards) down the fairway. It’s a miracle! I’ll never stop using Grip Solid. Thank you.

Richard Songer, CA

I played with Grip Solid today and hit the ball straighter and longer than I have in a long time. I will tell my friends about your product but only the ones that I don’t bet with.

O.J. Albert, CA

I found a friend in Grip Solid. It’s a great product. Thanks.

Bryan Pappas, CA

Grip Solid actually works and has changed my grip for good. I have told my friends about it. Best wishes to you and your company!

Joe Gonzalez, NY

It has improved my slice. Thank you!

Bob Koczor, Publisher/Editor of Golf Today Magazine

If you’re looking for a non-intrusive no-hassle way of learning the correct grip pressure and proper grip positioning you should have, Grip Solid provides that immediately and throughout your swing. You’ll see it in less hooks and slices. You’ll see it in hitting your ball more squarely and accurately, giving you the distance you want because you’re hitting it straighter.

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Lisa Haas, NV

My husband can’t believe what a difference it has made in his game. He’s hitting the ball so much farther! He keeps thanking me for buying it for him. He’s excited to play golf again! Thank you!

Allen Grant, Golf Talk Lounge

Great for training players – especially high-handicappers – how to hold the club. Sounds basic, but it’s a common flaw of beginners, who strangle the club. Seasoned players can also benefit. Advanced players are always taking on bad habits. They think it’s their swing path, club position, etc. but it might simply be the position of the club in their hand is incorrect. This product re-positions the club to where it should be.

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Doug Ostanek, NC

I have found the Grip Solid to be very helpful. Thank you!

Ruth Schaefle, WV

This was the first season that I ended knowing I had improved– I’m in my seventies. Grip Solid really helped my game and grip (I have osteoarthritis). Thank you!

H.J. Van Dyke, VA

I use it every time I play golf & have gotten a lot better with all my shots… Thanks for your help in making me a better golfer!

Wil Maxham, CA

The Grip Solid allows me to get just the right amount of pressure to control the club from start to finish without re-gripping anywhere along the way. The feeling is not quite a choke and not too loose to sling the club over to the golf cart. Thanks!

Steve Leeper, CT

From my first use, I found I was holding the club wrong all along. As I continue to use the device, my ball placement has improved due to better club handling and Grip Solid. Thank you.

Ray Mendoza, CA

I am extremely pleased with Grip Solid. It really helped me on the driving range …my drives are straight with good distance. Thank you!

Howard Greenhalgh, FL

I have had several lessons and thought I knew how to grip the clubs. But when I tried the Grip Solid, my ball striking improved dramatically–about a full club length further in distance! Consistency improved and my score dropped. It is easy to use and amazingly effective.

Thomas Muse, SC Golf, SC

I’m an intermediate golfer and have had a wicked slice since day one. When I began to test the Grip Solid I immediately noticed that it fits comfortably over a glove or bare hand and that my slice began to disappear. I think that the Grip Solid is a great idea and it is really easy to use both at the golf course and on the driving range. I will be writing an update review on SC Golf,, in the near future. Visit SC Golf for product reviews, SC golf news, and the lady golfer of the week.

William Martin, NY

This is the first training aid I’ve bought that has actually improved my game. Thanks!

Customer Survey Results

We value our customers and their feedback. Enclosed with every Grip Solid® is a mail-in customer survey and the results are in!

  • 98% rate Grip Solid® as a very effective grip pressure training aid
  • 98% rate Grip Solid® as a very effective grip position training aid
  • 97% would recommend Grip Solid® to their friends
  • ...but not the ones they bet with!

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