"If you’re looking for a non-intrusive no-hassle way of learning the correct grip pressure and proper grip positioning you should have, Grip Solid provides that immediately and throughout your swing."

Bob Koczor, Publisher/Editor of Golf Today Magazine

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Whether you’re an experienced player looking to improve your game or a new player who wants to learn to play golf, the award winning Grip Solid® training aid gives you the perfect grip position and proper grip pressure you need to play solid golf.

Unlike any training aid on the market, the Grip Solid® is easy to use, works with any club except your putter and is ready in seconds. There is nothing to attach to your clubs and its stylish design will make you proud to practice while you play.

You can immediately use Grip Solid® to practice any type of golf shot – On or off the course.

Grip Solid® Training Tips

Golf Grip Pressure

We’ve all been told about proper grip pressure, but it’s very difficult to feel when we’re gripping too tight. With Grip Solid® you feel proper grip pressure – You understand it and learn to control it.

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Golf Grip Position

The club must be positioned properly in your fingers to allow for a fluid wrist hinge and enable the club head to make solid contact with the ball. Grip Solid® properly positions the club in your fingers and keeps it in place, throughout your swing.

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Fixing A Slice

Slices are a clear indicator your grip is wrong. When you grip the club incorrectly it is virtually impossible to square the clubface and hit straight golf shots. Grip Solid® teaches you to square the clubface at impact and hit consistent, straight shots.

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Golf Glove Wear

Wear on the thumb and palm of your golf glove is another indicator of an incorrect grip. Learn what your glove wear pattern says about your swing and how to fix it with Grip Solid®.

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