Golf Glove Wear

Wear on the thumb and palm of your glove is from the club slipping during the swing and the resulting friction when you instinctively re-grip your hands.

Re-gripping occurs so quickly and unconsciously, it is often impossible to tell it’s happening. The results are clear – Weak, errant shots and telltale holes on your glove.

Anyone can show you how to grip the club, but no one can make sure it’s in position while you swing. The Grip Solid® FLEX•BAR positions the club in the fingers and prevents re-gripping and slipping throughout your swing.

Even if you start with a perfect setup, re-gripping during your swing ruins any chance for consistency

Use our Golf Grip Pressure Training Tip with your Grip Solid® to stop re-gripping during our swing.

Golf Grip Pressure Training Tip

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