Golf Grip Position

The golf club must be positioned properly in your fingers to allow for a fluid wrist hinge and enable the club head to make solid, square contact with the ball.

With Grip Solid® you will develop muscle memory for the perfect grip – A reliable grip that will allow you to make consistent golf shots.

Lesson – The Perfect Golf Grip

  1. Wearing your Grip Solid®, stand up straight with both legs together.
  2. Using any club, other than your putter, place the sole of the club on the ground 10 to 30 inches in front of, and slightly outside, your left foot. The distance in front will depend on the club – Closer for a wedge and farther for a driver.
  3. Rest the grip of the club in the fingers of your left hand and position that arm along the side of your body, as though standing at attention.
  4. Gently grip your left hand positioning the FLEX•BAR on top of the club grip. Most clubs have indicators on top of the grip aligned to the leading edge of the clubface. The FLEX•BAR should be positioned on this line, parallel to the shaft of the club.
  5. Now move the club in front of your body, widening your stance into a swing position. Place your right hand on the grip matching the angle of your left hand. Note – Grip Solid® can be used with the Varden Overlap Grip, an Interlocking Grip or Ten Finger Grip.
  6. Looking down at your left hand, two or three knuckles should be visible. You will notice 3 grey dots on the Grip Solid – These visual alignment indicators should be clearly visible.
  7. Square your clubface to the ball and take a shot. Don’t be surprised if the ball draws to the left.

Experiment by making subtle adjustments with your left hand by moving it to the right so you see more of the 3 grey dots and until the ball begins to hook. At that point rotate your hand slightly back to the left until you have your desired flight path.

Continue taking practice shots until you feel comfortable, working through all of the clubs in your bag. With Grip Solid® you can practice on the range or on the course with any type of shot.

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